Patrick Plaisance       5.0 of 5 stars        December 2, 2015
      Nelson built our home, then several years later when we needed more space, built our addition.

 Nelson and his staff are a pleasure to work with; honest, friendly, hardworking, and fair.
      When we decided to build our first home, we were young, nervous, and knew next to nothing 

 about the process, but they were patient and put up with our unending questions, concerns, etc.  

 during the design and construction phases. We felt comfortable working with them from the

 moment  we met and in the end they delivered a beautiful home within our budget, which we are

 thrilled to  live in to this day.
       Later, they would put the same effort and attention to detail into a small project -- our addition

 -- that they would to their larger projects, which to me is great proof of the respect they have for

 their  customers.  Jesse was onsite constantly on our little project even though I know they were j

 juggling a number of other massive jobs at the same time.
      Whenever friends or family inquire about our house or a builder in general, we recommend them 


Yolanda Jackson -- January 18,2016

 Nelson, it's been 10 years since you built our home in 

 English Turn.  Lots has happened since that time and 

 I'm looking to buy/or build another home something

 not as large as I have now, but nice.  Of course,

 when I started thinking where to turn, you came to

 mind.  There is none that can beat your quality,

 attention and professionalism.  You truly care about

 your clients.        Best New Year, Yolanda

We enjoyed building your home, please email us your Reviews and Comments and we will upload them to our website. 


Jen Olson Grilletta -- March 20 at 1:58pm
 Four years in our house and we still love it as if

 we just moved in!

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